Treat Health Conditions With Ultrasound Therapy | HEALTHandMED

Reduce Joint Pain

Many individuals want to enjoy therapeutic treatments at home with quality equipment. At Health and Medical Sales Inc., we make it easy to order ultrasound therapy machines to reduce pain from conditions such as osteoarthritis or bursitis. Traveling to medical facilities for physical therapy is difficult for someone with an injury. In many cases, a health insurance plan will pay for a limited number of sessions for an injury or illness. Ultrasound treatment is simple to use at home with affordable devices that have applicators or transducers that are applied gently to the skin. You place a specialized gel on the application wand to help the ultrasonic waves absorb into tissue to relieve pain.

Increase Blood Flow

Ultrasound therapy machines are suitable for treating both chronic and short-term health conditions. When you move the application wand over a body part, the motion soothes the tissue while reducing scar tissue. The ultrasonic waves increase blood flow to stiff muscles and tendons helping damaged tissues to heal faster. In addition, the massaging techniques and ultrasonic waves help to decrease swelling caused by edema to relax tissue and joints. Medical researchers have discovered that ultrasonic therapies will also reduce calcifications in the feet caused by plantar fasciitis helping individuals to walk without discomfort. Athletes can find relief from rotator cuff injuries by applying the wand to their shoulder area to eliminate inflammation caused by overuse.

Heats Underlying Tissue

Portable ultrasound therapy machines are simple to order at our online specialty store because we ship products quickly while providing a 14-day money-back guarantee. Customers can choose from a variety of products with different power levels and price points to use at home for therapeutic treatments. All of the ultrasonic wave equipment from Health and Medical Sales Inc. arrives at customer’s homes with written directions that make it easy to understand how to use the devices immediately. Our company’s ultrasonic devices provide quiet low frequency sound waves while slowly heating underlying tissue to increase healing. Each therapeutic machine from our shop also has its own lightweight carrying and storage case.