Did You Know There Are Nitrites In Your Food And Water? | HEALTHandMED

I recently read an article that touched on the affects of nitrites or nitrates in your water. Before reading this I knew about nitrates, but didn’t cared much about my personal consumption of them. After all, “Everyone else eats/drinks them on a daily basis. Could they really be that bad?” The answer to that may not be known in it’s entirely, but we do know that nitrates are extremely risky for pregnant women, children and those with reduced stomach acidity. My personal philosophy on this is if it’s bad for small children just because the older, stronger adults can handle it, why would we? If it is bad for small kids, wouldn’t that mean it is bad for us?

Nitrates in our water and food has been on the rise for much of the 20th century and has been rising again in the last 6 years! It may be time to start thinking about what can be done. The easiest way to get started in eliminating nitrates in your diet would be to start with your water. Buying expensive more regulated food can be really hard on the families finances and there is always the possibility that it still contains nitrates! After all I’m sure they are using nitrate filled water to grow the food.

Our highest nitrate intake comes from our water. Water collects nitrates as it passes  through fertilizer, past septic tanks, and erosion of natural deposits. The majority of those 3 sources is the fertilizer and pesticides. Farmers have continually added more nitrate based fertilizers for many years which is the largest contributor to nitrates in our diet. This is a pretty easy, simple fix through the right type of water filter system. The one we recommend is the Nano Chanson water filter system. They explain this system as:

A high quality modified reverse osmosis systems that can reduce nitrates in drinking water by more than 85%.

Reducing your nitrate consumption by that amount is definitely worth investing in especially since we know they do have negative health effects. Even if they seem small or can have negative affects on young children, chances are they are affecting us and I’m going to start taking action!


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