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Find Out How to Get in Shape, Relax, and More with the New Whole Body Vibration Machine Exercise Chart from HEALTHandMED

We continue to do what we can to help our customers by providing them with all the tools they can use to embrace natural health. With the release of our new Whole Body Vibration Machine Exercise Chart, we’ve taken 26 different exercises emcompassing Strength, Stretch, Relaxation, and Massage categories and put them all into an…

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IonizeMe Elite Pro and Ultra Foot Detox Systems Now Available

Staying Ahead of the Curve with Ionic Foot Detox We’re always trying to give our customers the very best, and that’s why we’ve launched two NEW Ionic Foot Detox machines — the IonizeMe Elite Pro, and the IonizeMe Ultra — for our customers. The Elite Pro gives you all of the unique benefits of our…

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How Whole Body Vibration Helps Those with Parkinson’s Disease

Whole Body can be an Essential Part to Treating Parkinson’s Disease Parkinson’s Disease is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system that causes shaking, rigidity, and slowness of movement/walking, among other symptoms. With Whole Body Vibration therapy, improvements with motor skills and a decrease in tremors and rigidity scores can be achieved, according to…

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Losing Weight with Whole Body Vibration Plate Machines

How to Use a Whole Body Vibration Machine for Weight Loss If you’re overweight or just trying to lose that extra pound before next summer hits, a Whole Body Vibration Plate Machine could be just what the doctor ordered. Whole Body Vibration Machines contract and release nearly every muscle in our bodies numerous times per…

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How to Improve Flexibility with Whole Body Vibration Machines

Flexibility Improvements with Whole Body Vibration If you’re suffering from an inability to bend and stretch easily, which can be due to lack of exercise for an extended period of time, using a Whole Body Vibration Machine can help. Improve Flexibility in Minutes Flexibility and range of motion can improve noticeably within 3 to 5…

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Using Whole Body Vibration Machines With a Wheelchair

Whole Body Vibration and Wheelchairs Even customers who are in wheelchairs can benefit from Whole Body Vibration! There are different positions you can try with a Whole Body Vibration Machine to get different benefits. We’ve outlined a few of these below. Circulation to Lower Extremities – While sitting in the wheelchair, move the wheelchair close…