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What Our Customers are Saying About Our Company

"I especially like that I get a response from HEALTHandMED so quickly when I have had a comment or question. That's nice. I have had a very expensive foot bath system for 7 or 8 years, but it was so problematical to keep running that I rarely bothered with it. Now that I have one from HEALTHandMED [Dual System Ionic Detox Foot Bath with MP3 Player], I am happy again and wouldn't hesitate to recommend their website and product to anyone. It's a very good foot bath system with no issues of the same sort as my old one. And their customer service is top notch."

Bantam, CT, USA

"I had a very successful and very expedient business transaction with HEALTHandMED. They are very professional and courteous. They did everything they said they would do and were very prompt and complete in shipping my order, which I received three short working days later. I would rate this company as a 10+ on the scale of 1-10, 10 being the best). I am satisfied and had a great experience. This is a 'high quality' vendor."

Lake Charles, LA, USA

"I love this machine [Dual System Ionic Detox Foot Bath with MP3 player]!!! Works fabulously! Thanks. This is a quality product."

Hamilton, ON, CANADA

"I am very satisfied. I referred three people -- two of whom have ordered ionic detox foot bath systems. I love the Himalayan salt crystal lamp! Thanks so much."

Sacramento, CA, USA

"I really like the Ionic Detox Footbath System with FIR belt. I have used it several times and have noticed differences in as little as two treatments. I would recommend this product to friends, and I would recommend HEALTHandMED to anyone. Great service."

Michelle White
Clifton Park, NY, USA

"I am very satisfied with my integrated foot bath system. I am bidding on another one for my brother. My other brother may want one too. I am impressed with HEALTHandMED because of the wayt that they get back to their clients quickly to answer their questions, etc."

Edmonton, AB, CANADA

"We love the foot spa. HEALTHandMED's is superior to the one from Wellspring. It is more efficient, easier to clean and easier to use. It is a joy to use, and my clients love it so much more than the other one. I love the array and far infrared belt. I appreciate their follow up. I am thankful that I purchased this foot spa from a reliable company."

Brownstown, PA, USA

"We are very pleased with our purchase. The integrated foot bath system works great, and delivery was very fast
less than a week). We have recommended this machine and company to friends of ours."

Gilles and Louise
Gatineau, QB, CANADA

"I used the HEALTHandMED integrated foot bath system on my mother and aunt and the results were better than the one at the day spa that was around $2,500 new. After using the electrical stimulation patches with the detox on my mother, she reported no pain in her bad shoulder when the session was over."

Jena Hustead
Malakoff, TX, USA

"I like the 'The Real Operating Instructions' included with the unit. It is in readable '1,2,3 Step' language and larger print. It shows that the company cares about getting the correct instructions to the user. I like that! The unit is easy to operate too."

Abingdon, VA, USA

"They are priced great and come with extra features you wouldn't get elsewhere."

Boise, ID, USA

"I love the fast, good service from HEALTHandMed.com. I am always able to reach someone if I have questions or need supplies."

Hamilton, ON, USA

"I have been using an ion detox foot bath because I wanted to get rid of foot pains, which was a complete success. I even got better sleeping habits and more energy as a bonus. like the HEALTHandMED footbath systems because they are quite simple to use."

Doral, FL, USA

"I have more energy and an overall ‘better' feeling. I was receiving foot bath detoxes at my chiropractor's office for treatment of fibromyalgia and it is nice that I can now do them at home. I like the sturdiness of the unit, the display, and the infrared belt. I also like the price and that I was able to buy a refurbished model for a reduced cost."

Kernersville, NC, USA

I received my order in record time (just one day after I placed it), and I love the lamp!!!! I am sure I will be buying from you in the future, as well as telling friends about you --- thanks so much!

Arlington Heights, IL

I want to thank you so much for changing my shipping method to the post office! I have dealt with catalog departments before and none of them will give us rural people in Alaska a break. If they ship Fed Ex, that's it. Fed Ex delivers to Anchorage. Then it sits there until they get around to shipping it....in the end...by post office! This adds about 3 more days to the shipping time. I have a couple of friends who are waiting to see how I like the Detox Foot Bath System. If they like it I will make sure that they buy from you. Not all of them are from Alaska. You have already shown me customer service before the product has arrived. Your consideration and personal attention means a lot when most companies see customers as merely numbers.

Delta Junction, AK

Just got the mail and was so pleased to receive the part that we needed for our ionic foot bath! What a lovely surprise to receive such great service! Thank you so much!

Franklin, TN