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Arrays for Ionic Detox

What is an Ionizer Array?

ionizer arrays are devices commonly used with foot detox machines.
Essentially, what they do is ionize the water by breaking it into hydrogen and water.

Other common names customers go by are probes, filters, & ionizers.

How To Choose The Best Array For You

When choosing an array for an ionic foot detox machine there are a couple things to consider.
As you can see below there are different shapes and qualities.

HealthandMed.com offers two shapes of arrays for the ionic foot bath systems.
The first, most common and most affordable is the cylinder arrays.
Inside of the cylinder style array are two metal coils that that look much like having two springs inside of each other.
These coils are what will be producing the negative ions.

Inside of rectangular arrays there are plates that run the length of the units.
Why these typically are look at as better arrays is simple, they have more surface area with the water.
The more steel that touches the water the more it can conduct and create negative ions!
This also helps the units require less salt to conduct electricity.
The last good point about the rectangular arrays are the fact that it takes less water to cover the entire array and
can help to increase the ratio of negative ions for the amount of water.

We offer two types of steel types. In our purple arrays we have a higher quality steel called 304 steel.
This higher quality steel allows it to last more uses. Instead of 30-50 uses you will see 40-60 uses. Our common black or white

arrays use a less high quality steel that will do the exact same thing as the 304 steel, it just won't last as long!

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