Congratulations to Ginger!

Congratulations to Ginger and thanks to all our customers who helped our company purchased the horse “Dream” to be used for therapeutic horseback riding. We were also able to pay for her service dog’s training! Ginger has cerebral palsy, and we donated $15.00 to this cause whenever our customers purchased a certain model portable infrared sauna.  …


Heal Gluten Problems Or Celiac Disease With Redmond Clay

Today many people suffer from Gluten reactions or Celiac Disease. Most people don’t know there are cures that don’t involve running to a doctor or going completely gluten free! Redmond Clay has proven to be one of the best possible aids to help with Celiac Disease. This inexpensive cure can be the difference of always…

Himalayan Salt benefits, which salt is better for you, best salt for the body

What Is The Best Salt To Use?

There is a lot of talk out there about which is the best salt? Should I use sea salt, common table salt, Morton salt, Himalayan salt or the other plethora of options?? You may find this article interesting because here at we don’t believe all salt is created equal. For instance our headquarters is…