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Avoid the Spread of Disease with HypoRedox Disinfectant

More effective than Bleach When it comes to keeping countertops, other surfaces, and items disinfected to prevent the spread of diseases like the flu or pneumonia, bleach has seemingly stood the test of time. However, now there’s a newer, better disinfectant on the block and its name is HypoRedox. HypoRedox can be used in lieu…

Redmond Clay, HEALTH and MEDICAL, Natural healing supplements

Redmond Clay promotes natural health and detoxification

Arguably one of the most powerful natural health substances on the planet is Redmond Clay. Customers on Amazon have described the solution as “great,” “perfect” and even “phenomenal at counteracting food poisoning.” Once customer had this to say about the product [sic]: “I purchased this product to use internally. My intention was to use it…

Chanson Water Filters, Water filtration, clean water sources

How to keep your shower water clean and healthy

Chanson Shower filters crystallize your cleansing waters One of the most important things to do to avoid getting sick is to make sure the very waters you cleanse yourself with are as clean as possible. With Chanson Shower Filters, this is easy; it eliminates chlorine and releases anion energy. According to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency…

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HEALTHandMED Mobile and Desktop app now available on Windows 10

Embrace Natural Health on all of your Windows devices We pride ourselves on building and maintaining a website that’s both easy to use and offers multiple functions to help our customers find important information on all of our products and place orders for new products as they become available. We’ve taken the same enthusiastic approach…