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How to Set up a Portable Infrared Sauna

Setup video for Portable Infrared Saunas Everyone needs a little extra help sometimes, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Here at HEALTHandMED, we’re happy to provide you with the assistance you need in order to really enjoy all of your products. Our portable infrared saunas are no exception. In the video below, we demonstrate how…

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Vitamins and their Natural Benefits

Natural Health with Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements Vitamins and minerals, along with other natural supplements, provide a great way for your body to maintain its health naturally. Each vitamin is unique in the benefits it provides, benefits which are outlined below. Some Benefits of Natural Supplements Vitamin A helps your immune system and skin, as…

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Arthritis Pain, Yoga, and You

Yoga benefits sufferers of Arthritis and joint pain Yoga is a practice of exercises, breathing techniques and meditation that started in ancient India 5,000 years ago and has continued to be touted to this day as a way to boost physical and mental health. According to the Arthritis Foundation practicing yoga regularly can reduce pain,…

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Tips for Relieving Dry Skin

Keep your skin healthy and moist Healthy skin is very important, but it’s so easy to damage skin without realizing it, that it sometimes doesn’t even occur to you that you’re damaging your skin until it actually happens. Here at HEALTHandMED, we understand, so we’ve compiled some tips for you that will help you maintain…

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Embrace better-looking skin with Healthy Sunless Tanning

When it comes to summer, which is coming up fast, one of the most popular past times for many people is tanning. Unfortunately, most tanning solutions require processes that can give you skin cancer or make your skin coarse and dry. Our sunless tanning solutions are different. Sunless tanning systems, also called self-tanners, give your…